Effective brands are built on research and focus, so Red Deluxe Brand Development works with clients across the country to uncover both their best prospects and their most compelling differentiators. Before clients begin development of communications campaigns with us, many request assistance in uncovering the strategy that will ultimately drive the work.

In response, we have developed several effective processes for helping clients uncover these powerful insights.

Red Deluxe Constituent Mapping

When looking for new promoters and customers, we can often find actionable trends inside the data about a client’s existing promoters and customers. This process begins with a collection of data from our client's databases. Then, through additional interviews and data appends, we begin to look for patterns and connections. The end result is new insight on the current customer community and their affinities, which can illuminate high-potential strategies for messaging and media approaches.

Red Deluxe Prospect Personas

The enormously fragmented media landscape has made segmenting more crucial than ever. And the segmentation that we have seen make the biggest difference is the development of prospect personas. Targeting prospects by behavioral group (instead of demographic slice) can provide extraordinary alignment and focus among media planners, social teams, creative teams, and even the internal audiences who we need to understand and support the work.

Red Deluxe Stakeholder Summits

Red Deluxe Stakeholder Summits bring together senior executives, board members, and/or other key internal stakeholders in advance of new brand work or campaigns to provide insight and direction. Stakeholder Summits can also promote internal buy-in. Encouraging stakeholder ownership of the landscape assessment and strategy lays a strong foundation for building ownership of the final recommendation.

Media Planning

The media landscape has undergone an unprecedented transformation, and today’s channel strategy is far more targeted than has ever been possible. So while reach, frequency, and impression costs still play a vital role in awareness campaigns, the ability to target high-potential prospects has made media planning more complex—and potentially more effective—than ever. Red Deluxe helps clients move to a media strategy that focuses less on market coverage and more on delivering engaging messaging to high-potential prospects.

Public Service Announcement (PSA) Strategy and Placement

Many national non-profits fail to take full advantage of the exponential return on investment possible with a stategic national PSA strategy. Simply uploading campaigns to download satellites won't often deliver widespread usage of a campaign, so Red Deluxe offers clients a suite of effective strategies and tactics that typically lead to millions of dollars in donated print space and airtime—much of it in major markets and desirable dayparts.   

Social Content Roadmaps and Development

Frequency is a key to success in social media programs, but in the drive to meet the enormous need for content, organizations often push out material and messages that do not strategically support the brand. Red Deluxe works with clients to develop a social media roadmap that guides content ideation. Starting with organizational objectives, we build back to a roadmap that lays out a set of predetermined post formulas that ensure all content is working to advance brand objectives.