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Epitome of Soul Award

Epitome of Soul Awards Pioneered by music icon and original “Soul Man” David Porter, the Epitome of Soul award is a multi-talent soul concert that shines a light on the history of soul music and celebrates Memphis' prominent role in that story. Red Deluxe developed the identity system for the brand and has supported the event with advertising and other ticket sales support.   Read More

American Lung Association

American Lung Association Red Deluxe was engaged by the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the American Lung Association to lead the organization through an overall strategic refocusing of the brand. We have since worked with the organization on two national multi-channel campaigns. The positioning work and campaign development resulted in more than $50 million in donated media, and broader awareness of the organization’s relevance as an... Read More
Posted by Ben Couvillion at Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Livestrong Cancer Patient Campaign

Livestrong Austin-based Livestrong fights for more than 32.6 million people around the world affected by cancer right now. The mission of helping cancer patients navigate treatment and stay strong is the organization's brand, and Livestrong reached out to Red Deluxe for a camapign that makes that promise clear—especially to patients. This campaign, called "Today" and featuring date-specific creative in print, digital, and out of home messages, says... Read More

National Civil Rights Museum

  National Civil Rights Museum The world was changed forever when Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4, 1968, outside of room 306 of the Lorraine Motel. Over the next 20 years, a growing number of supporters joined the cause of preserving the site both as a shrine to Dr. King and the broader mission of educating subsequent generations about the ongoing civil rights struggle. In 1991, the National Civil Rights Museum opened on the site. Since then,... Read More

Teen Pregnancy Campaign

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Campaign  Red Deluxe worked with Girls, Inc. and a private foundation to develop this teen pregnancy prevention pilot campaign that equips girls to say, “No Baby.” The media campaign models strong self-determination and – most important – drives girls into peer programs that build the knowledge and esteem necessary to make strong choices. While the campaign dispels some core myths among youth about conception,... Read More

Steven Tyler's Janie's Fund

Steven Tyler's Janie's Fund When Steven Tyler decided to launch a signature philanthropy benefitting girls like the one described in the Aerosmith hit “Janie’s Got a Gun,” Red Deluxe Brand Development worked with Tyler to create an all-new brand identity, national tagline, and supporting assets. In its first year alone, Janie’s Fund raised close to $2 million for Youth Villages and funded in excess of 20,000 days... Read More

ALS Association

ALS Association As part of our ongoing work for the national ALS Association, Red Deluxe developed this national PSA campaign to mark the 75-year anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s retirement from baseball due to ALS. It calls attention to the ongoing fight against the disease that is often called simply ”Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” and recalls Gehrig’s emotional farewell speech in 1939, when he declared himself the “luckiest man on the face... Read More

College for America

College for America New Hampshire-based College for America, a national workforce college attainment initiative, came to Red Deluxe shortly after its pilot received a major Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/EDUCAUSE grant. The program, at the time, was still being incubated in the innovation lab at Southern New Hampshire University under a temporary project name. We worked with the program’s leadership to build a national brand around their core... Read More

National American Red Cross

American Red Cross Red Deluxe Brand Development has been engaged for numerous special projects by the national headquarters of the American Red Cross in Washington, D.C. We worked with the organization, for example, on a national campaign to commemorate the dedication of the national World War II Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, and again on a "Thank You" poster that was sent to all Hurricane Katrina volunteers. From blood donation ads to the... Read More

Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project Red Deluxe was engaged by Wounded Warrior Project® to develop a national PSA campaign that introduces the country to the severely wounded veterans served by WWP’s long-term support services. This unprecedented care program—and the growing trust that supports it—provide these brave men and women whatever they need to continue their fight for independence. At no cost. For life. Our team, along with award-winning... Read More